☏ Hotel Citroën

It's all about the aesthetics.

I like film, music, a smooth glass of wine and even smoother British men.

Original Artisinal Vegan Caprese Pizza by yours truly ! Crafted specially for @sie56 #healthy #vegan #food
Vegan Chocolate peanut butter dipped strawberries with @sie56
Welcoming Fall with @sie56, a little Fantastic Mr. Fox, and some sparkling apple cider to go with it! 🍁🍃🍂
Not every girl wakes up to a bouquet of her favourite flowers! The past three months have been nothing short of life changing. I love you @sie56 ❤☺
Iced Chai on a fall day in Chicago. Nothing better! @starbucks #starbucks #chai #chicago #coffee
First day of classes calls for some French Pressed Iced Coffee! And it’s delish 👌
On our way to the #chicagodiner for a vegan feast!
Hard at work picking out classes that transfer to Loyola :)
Follow our tumblr 💪 sweattogetherstaytogether 💪#fitness #fitspiration #fitspo
I feel artistically satisfied. ✨
This rose up like a whale swimming in the sky! Beautiful, thirty-foot, spinning kite over the dunes at Kitty Hawk, site of the Wright Brothers first flight. #kittyhawk #beautiful #outerbanks #kite
Ready for take off :)
Airborne! #hanggliding
Hair dying gone very, very wrong…
A New Hope: starring Ali and Dennis Driscoll as C3PO and R2D2